The Troubles with Trekkies: Indie Apocalypse

June 22, 2016

Ty and Lou go beyond Star Trek with Dan Thale of Star Trek Futures and Alec Peters of Star Trek Axanar to talk about fan films and the troubles that can arise when creating a project with an existing intellectual property. Both our guests share the inspiration behind their projects and totally geek out on their knowledge of the Star Trek universe, but ultimately find themselves up against barriers in the form of fan outrage and studio legalities. We cover J.J.'s questionable announcement about the lawsuit and what that means for the future of Axanar, and we continue our geek conversation with Crysstal Hubbard covering more superhero TV, movie and comic news. And finally Lou shares his ultimate movie mashup idea. Not to be missed.

Our Guests:
Dan Thale - Star Trek Futures
Dan on Facebook
Star Trek Futures

Alec Peters - Star Trek Axanar
Axanar Productions
Axanar on YouTube
Axanar on Twitter

Crysstal Hubbard - Supergirl Unburdened
Crysstal on Facebook

Supergirl Unburdened on Facebook

Hosted by:
Luis Martinez

Ty Mabrey

Sound Production by:

Mike Evans

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Bang Zoom Pow

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