Slap Worthy: Indie Apocalypse

March 24, 2016

Almost a year after we started Indie Apocalypse, we are having a screening for Slap Worthy, a film that Ty and Lou collaborated on. This week we celebrate by talking with some of the actors in the film. Dominic Lerma, Sofia Carrillo and Shelly Ro drop by the Burrito Lounge to talk about their experiences as actors and what it was like filming Slap Worthy a year ago. We find out what they are most excited for as Slap Worthy screens as a Night of 1000 Burritos and what's in store for them next in their careers. We veer off our usual path a few times in this episode, but it is all in good fun as we talk about the film, family and doing what you love.

Our Guests:
Shelly Ro
Shelly on Facebook

Dominic Lerma
Dominic on Facebook

Sofia Carrillo
Sofia on Facebook

Hosted by:
Luis Martinez

Ty Mabrey

Sound Production by:

Mike Evans

Produced by:
Bang Zoom Pow

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