Great Big Huge Super Epic: Indie Apocalypse

July 9, 2015

It's a double-sized, spectacular comic book edition of Indie Apocalypse as we celebrate all things Comic-Con in San Diego. In this episode, Ty and sometimes Lou talk with Crysstal Hubbard (Supergirl Unburdened) and Rich Howard (writer, gamer and ultimate comic authority) about comic books transitioning more and more to movies and television and whether or not audiences will get tired of seeing comic characters brought to life. We discuss both Marvel and DC and pull out some deep cuts in film, comics and animation. Crysstal and Rich steal the show and we are now more educated on comics than ever before. Spoon! 

This episode contains spoilers! If you are a fan of DC animation, but are not caught up on every show, you may want to skip the second half hour of this episode. You have been warned.

Our Guests:
Crysstal Hubbard

Rich Howard

Hosted by:
Luis Martinez

Ty Mabrey

Sound Production by:

Romeo Gain

Produced by:
Bang Zoom Pow

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