Broken Choices: Indie Apocalypse

April 19, 2016

Ty and Lou talk with long-time supporter of 2AM Burrito, Dante Dumas, to talk about acting, owning a character type to achieve success and how surprised Dante is by the amount of acting talent in San Diego. We talk about his current crowd-funding campaign for Broken Choices on IndieGogo and what the project is all about. Ty talks a little about guilty pleasure TV, Lou magnetically attracts more praise (we not sure how that is possible) and we talk a little about what to expect from Ty and Lou over the summer.

Our Guests:
Dante Dumas
Dante on Facebook
Dante on IMDB
Broken Choices on IndiGogo

Hosted by:
Luis Martinez

Ty Mabrey

Sound Production by:

Mike Evans

Produced by:
Bang Zoom Pow

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